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The Website is operated and managed by Wavelock Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. Please read the Terms of Use below carefully before using the Website, since the user may use the Website only if the user consents to these Terms of Use.
Note that a user, who uses the Website, will be deemed to have consented to all of these Terms of Use.

As the Company may revise these Terms of Use of the Website where necessary, please check whenever you use it.

[Recommended Environment]

  • For use of the Website, the following browsers are recommended:
    Windows 8.1 or later: Internet Explorer 11, Firefox (latest version), Chrome (latest version)
    Mac OS X or later: Safari (latest version), Firefox (latest version), Chrome (latest version)
    iOS 9.0 or later: default installed browser
    Android 4.4 or later: default installed browser
  • To view the Website, the following plug-in is necessary.
    Download below and Install the plug-in. Please note that this may be changed without advance notice.
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[Copyrights and Trademarks]

The copyrights, trademark rights, and other rights to the content, information, designs, layouts, logo marks, and trademarks on the Website shall be vested in the Company or the respective right holders to whom the Company grants the license to use them. You are entitled to use the Website to the extent of not violating those rights.


The Company provides no guarantee whatsoever with respect to the content on the Website, and any content on the Website may be changed or deleted without advance notice.
The Company provides no guarantee whatsoever for the functions or safety of the Website and may suspend or discontinue the operation of the Website without advance notice.
The Company shall under no circumstances be responsible for any damage caused, regardless of the reason, by incorrect information, a change or deletion thereof, the occurrence of any issues on the Website, or the suspension or discontinuance of the operation of the Website.

[Handling of Links to Website]

Feel free to link to the Website without advance notice, whether for commercial purposes or non-commercial purposes. However, any pages other than the homepage(www.wavelock-at.com)may be moved or deleted without advance notice.
A link from any of the following types of websites is strictly prohibited:

  • A website with any content where the intent is to slander or damage the credibility or reputation of the Company, its associated companies, officers or employees, or any other companies or persons
  • A website with adult content or any content contrary to public order and morals, or a website with any content that is (or is likely to be) illegal or relates to activities that are (or are likely to be) illegal
  • A website that unfolds the Website within its frame or a website with a similar effect that makes it unclear that the Website is a website of the Company and may mislead third parties
  • Other websites the Company finds inappropriate

Feel free to introduce or present the URL of the Website in any magazines, books, advertisements, other publications, e-mail newsletters, websites, or other internet media. However, you are not allowed to quote any content or copy pictures on this site.

[About Linked Sites]

Any website of a third party that is linked from/to the Website, except those of an associated company of the Company, (hereinafter a “Third Party Site”) is managed by the company or individual operating it on its own responsibility. The link from/to the Website does not imply that the Company has any special relationship with the company or individual operating a Third Party Site, or that the Company endorses the content of a Third Party Site. The Company shall undertake no responsibility whatsoever regarding the content or use of the Third Party Site.

[Information on Future Performance]

While the Company may publish on the Website information on future business and performance of the Company or its associated company, the information is only a forecast at the time of disclosure and is subject to change because of various factors. Because the publication of such information does not recommend that customers make any specific investment, please do not make investments by depending entirely on such information.

[Insider Trading]

Information published on the Website may fall under a material fact of the Company or its associated company under paragraph 2 of Article 166 of the Securities and Exchange Act. Please note that any person, who comes to know a material fact on the Website and sells or buys shares or other securities of the Company or its associated company before the material fact is made public in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Act may violate insider trading regulations.

[Protection of Personal Information]

For the privacy policy and the handling of personal information of the Company, seethe Privacy Policy.

[Governing Law and Competent Court]

These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Any dispute relating to the Website or these Terms of Use shall be brought before the Tokyo District Court as the agreed exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.

[Opinions and Inquiries about Website]

Please submit any opinions and inquiries about the Website from the Inquiry page.

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