Prototype Process Flow

We will introduce the general process flow of our prototyping. Please feel free to contact us, because we can flexibly respond to trial production schedules, meetings, etc. In addition, if you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ.


Please contact us using the inquiry form, telephone, etc. to suit. Our dedicated sales staff will be happy to assist you. Also, please request a quotation using the prototype quotation request form. Please state your desired specifications, required raw materials, desired delivery date, etc.

02.Review of Request Form

Based on the request form, we will consider prototypes, make plans, select raw materials, discuss delivery forms, etc., and decide prototype specifications. Once the details of the prototype are decided, we will create a quotation.

03.Presenting a quote

Although it depends on the specifications of the requested product, the estimated amount will vary depending on the quantity of prototype products, raw materials used, manufacturing method, desired delivery time, auxiliary materials, etc.

04.Schedule adjustment and attendance

We will make a prototype according to the specifications that were agreed in advance. After that, in the case of required attendance, we will proceed with trial production while confirming with the customer whether the requested quality has been met.


Please send your order form by email. As soon as you receive the order form, we will proceed to trial production.

06.Prototype implementation

We will make the prototype film according to the specifications that we will match in advance. After that, we will scrutinize while confirming to the customer whether the requested quality can be confirmed.


The finished prototype is inspected visually or by inspection equipment for defects. After that, it will be packed firmly so that it will not be soiled or damaged and will be delivered to the customer.

*Prototypes can be evaluated upon request. Please contact us for details.