Original film/sheet development

New Product Development consultation is also encouraged. Originally developed film and sheet utilizing Wavelock’s processing technology.

We will introduce the products originally developed by our company through many years of experience and technological innovation. Since we are continually active in Research and Development, we can flexibly handle the development of products that meet new customer needs such as new materials and processing methods.


PPA (polyphthalamide) film

High heat resistance semi-aromatic polyamide resin. Super engineering plastic with excellent properties such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, low water absorption, and friction.

Typical applications: Electric/electronic parts, automobile parts, etc.

Wide application in many industries

The special properties of lighter and stronger PPA combine to create unique products for harsh environments where other materials are reaching their limits. This allows them to be used in a variety of new applications..

Excellent mechanical properties, outstanding flame retardancy

It is stable up to a glass transition temperature as high as 125°C, and the influence of external factors such as humidity change is extremely low. Compared to the equivalent PA66 grade (glass transition temperature: 60°C), it has a wider range of applications and excellent mechanical properties. The electrical properties are also largely unaffected by the water content at room temperature and above. In addition, it has a high melting point of 300°C and low water absorption, so it is possible to prevent softening of materials and the formation of blisters under high temperature conditions. It also provides excellent dimensional stability due to its low water absorption.

Amorphous Polyamide (PA) film

Polyamide resin with high transparency. It has high transparency, toughness, chemical resistance and stress crack resistance, and also has high bending fatigue strength. It has a specific gravity of about 1.0 and has low moisture absorption in polyamide.

Typical applications: Optical field, automobile field, electronic equipment, appliance-related

Films that can be used in a wide range of fields

It has a transparency of 90% or more even when it is thick and does not bleach when placed in boiling water. It is the lightest of all transparent polyamides (specific gravity 1.0) and has a lower water absorption than PA6. It is a material that has excellent wear resistance, high surface hardness, and shock resistance. Although it is 100% amorphous, it has excellent chemical resistance, and the flexural modulus is stable from low temperature (-40°C) to high temperature (about 120°C). There are grades that have been approved by the FDA and grades that have passed the Food Sanitation Law of Japan, making it a film that can be used in a wide range of fields, not just the optical and automotive fields.