Metallic Decorative films

Metallic decorative films are corrosion-resistant, radio and light transmittable, and available in over 100 colors, all of which are advantageous technical features for the “CASE” automotive technology trend (connectivity, automated driving, sharing, and electrification).

Introduction of metallic decorative film

Layer composition

Product format:roll 1,070mm width × 250m length(standard length)


Metallic look

Metallic feel that cannot be reproduced by painting or printing

Color lineup

Our unique technique of coloring the adhesive gives the product a deep metallic color.


Metallic texture is expressed by using vapor-deposited film that retains its metallic luster even after molding.


Radio-wave transmittance

By using our sheets, it is possible to decorate parts that were conventionally considered difficult to be decorated with metal.

Light transmittance

Using our strictly controlled film thickness, parts with uniform transparency can be produced.

non-conductive metal layer

Our sheets make it possible to produce parts that are resistant to corrosion.


Application Exterior

Hovering over (or tapping) each part name displays only that part.

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