Here are some frequently asked questions about film/sheet prototypes. If you have any questions or requests other than those listed, please feel free to contact us using our inquiry form or call +81-3-6830-3500.

About Raw Materials

Q1Is raw material provided? Can we buy it?

Either is possible.

Q2How much raw material is needed?

More than 200 kg is needed (consultation required).

Q3Can powder and liquid be used?

Currently, our equipment can handle neither powder nor liquid. Only pelletized resin can be used.

About film/sheet contract

Q4Is it possible to attend a prototype trial run?

Yes, it is possible.

Q5How much does it cost to make a prototype?

Please contact our dedicated staff. Details will be presented after discussing the prototype contents.

Q6Please tell me about the resins for trial production.

We can prototype thermoplastic resins such as general-purpose engineering plastics, engineering plastics, and super engineering plastics (~ about 400℃). For details, please contact us directly.

Q7Is it possible for mass production as well as trial production?

It is possible, though it depends on the nature of the mass production run.

Q8What is the screw diameter?

The optical co-extrusion prototype equipment is φ65 mm×1 and φ40 mm×2.

Q9What is the prototype lead time?

To be negotiated.

Q10What width can be prototyped?

Depending on the type and thickness of the resin, it is possible to make film/sheet prototypes of optical co-extruded prototypes up to 800 mm width.

Q11Is it possible to compound?

Yes. (At a partner company)

Q12What is the film thickness?

Optical co-extruded prototype thickness: ~ 1,000㎛
Please contact us for more information as it depends on the material.

Q13Is secondary processing such as cutting, drilling and surface treatment possible?

Yes. (At a partner company)

Q14Is additive compounding possible?

There is a 3 type blender machine.

Q15Is heat lamination possible?

Optical co-extruded prototyping are possible.

Q16Is it possible to form a co-extruded film?

2 resin types 2 layers, 2 resin types 3 layers, maximum 3 resin types 3 layers are available.

Q17Can a protective film be applied?

Yes. It is possible.

Q18Is it possible to measure thickness?

Thickness measurement is possible.